Fausto Torre received his first piano lesson at age thirteen and graduated Summa cum Laude in Piano from the Messina Conservatory of Music in 1989. His principal teacher was Maria Luisa Milio, and his musical education was enriched by relationships with Antonio Trombone in Palermo, and Boris Petrushansky in 1991-92.

A native of Milazzo (ME) – Sicily, Fausto Torre was awarded important prizes in some National and International Piano Competitions ( “Città di Messina 1985”, “Città di Giarre (CT) 1987”, “A.M.A. Calabria 1989”). 

After some years of successful performances in Italy, he grew fond of the informatic world and gave himself up to the activity of computer programming, with the hope of building an important music software. 

In 2001 he met Michel Baron who gave his collaboration as a pedagogical expert in making the software Harmony Practice 3, from which HarmonyWorkbook derives.